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Some of the things that have made us stop and think recently as well as a selection of our latest work, which we hope will make you do the same.

The Only Ride Is Essex

It's been quite a few weeks for Hills Design and bike races. As if stumbling across last month's Tweed Run wasn't enough, the team were on also on hand to marvel at the cyclists in this year's Tour de France as they bolted through the Essex countryside.

Tour de France 1 - Hills Design

They Pelican came so close they almost snatched the French vino out of our hands as they moved past at blistering pace (in blistering heat I might add!) Since the Tour de France began in the UK, shops like Halfords must be rubbing their hands as sales of road bikes shoot up and the professionals certainly made this part of the 155km stretch at stage 3 look effortless.

Tour de France - Hills Design

Tour de France 3 - Hills Design

Then, however, came amateur cyclists in tow, starting to show that tight lycra and bright colours doesn't necessarily coincide with supreme speed. By that point, a few of our party had enjoyed the festivities a little too much, still it was probably the most affordable bike on show… 

Tour de France 4 - Hills Design

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