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Some of the things that have made us stop and think recently as well as a selection of our latest work, which we hope will make you do the same.

Making A Splash

Just A Splash - Hills Design

We're excited to share our latest work for Just a Splash - a new line of innovative foodie friendly cooking alcohol pouches for consumers who enjoy cooking at home.
Launching with five varieties: Rum, Port, Sherry, Marsala and Brandy, we were brought in to create branding and packaging that would help the products achieve a premium condiment positioning on shelves up and down the country.
Following initial conversations with the client, we set to work on developing a logo which would bring to life the playful sophistication of the brand, whilst also being seen as contemporary and appealing by consumers. The final logo chosen achieves just that, taking the flick of the letter 'h' and interacting it with the rest of the logo to denote the splash. 
 Just A Splash - Hills Design
Just A Splash - Hills Design
Photography, which we also art directed, was then incorporated into the overall packaging design to inspire and bring to consumer's mind the products uses - these pouches give you just the right amount of alcohol for a whole array of popular dishes. The logo was then positioned above these images to suggest further interaction with the dishes. 
The overall matt black background helps communicate a premium feel and create stand out on shelf, with colour coding used throughout the packaging to help differentiate the various varieties.
Just A Splash - Hills Design
Alongside the photography, a handwritten style strapline at the bottom of the pouch helps communicate the aspiration to cook like a chef and achieve great results - one of the core messages the brand wants to get across. 
Just A Splash - Hills Design
Since its recent launch, Just a Splash has already won first prize for innovation at the IFE show in London. 
Have you got a brand that has similar ambitions? Get in touch with us for a free consultation on how we can help you get where you want to be.  
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