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Some of the things that have made us stop and think recently as well as a selection of our latest work, which we hope will make you do the same.

Looking Good Online

It’s a common misconception that websites today need to be all singing, all dancing entities, with multiple links or pages and a site map (its overall layout) more complicated than some of those you struggled with in GCSE Geography. Of course, sometimes, having layers to a site is a good thing and can be really effective, but occasionally, whether through budget limitations or just a desire to keep your content focused, a clear two-page format can also work really well… provided you get the design right.

Recently, we have completed two very different websites; both showing how content can be delivered differently, without compromising on the quality of a site or losing the tone of voice of each business.

website design - Hills DesignThe first, for Russell Overs Architects, holds to this simple, two-page layout, which manages to put across all the essential wording and imagery, without having to over-complicate the site with more pages.


website design - Hills Design

The second site, for Accompli, needed to allow for video content and social media to be incorporated and so extra pages were necessary in this case. Again though, the design and layout helps achieve this in a way that allows the site to work well across different types of media, as well as improving its visibility with increased SEO.


hills design, website design


The re-brand of both websites and identities also led to new stationary. 

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