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Some of the things that have made us stop and think recently as well as a selection of our latest work, which we hope will make you do the same.

How do you eat your porridge?

Hills Design have just completed some really exciting new branding and packaging for Wolfy's Porridge Pots, produced by Kitchen Garden Foods Ltd. Bringing out a new porridge product into this fiercely competitive market sector placed even greater emphasis on the packaging being both unique and memorable. As brands begin to develop their own character and culture in today's world, it was also important that our design reflected this.

Design Agency Cheltenham Gloucestershire, Wolfy's Porridge Pots logo

The identity we created sets out to be compelling and playful, while always allowing for engagement with a broad consumer base. The paw prints that interlink with the type subtly suggest a character behind the identity and also allow the symbol of the paw to become synonymous with the brand. Distinctive colours and quirky typography help distinguish the varying flavours. HIlls Design - Wolfy's LogoThe pots are launched this week, and we suggest that this is one wolf(y's) pack you might just want to be part of when they do start appearing on shelves! 


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